Life’s a journey waiting to be uncovered. Writers from essay service can talk about it endlessly. It is our ultimate goal to help clients find a true sense of inner balance. Those who come to see us want more than traditional therapies. We go beyond coping or fixing by using holistic integrative therapies. Forget what you think about therapy and experience the difference with whole life therapy. It not about what’s wrong, it’s about what’s getting in the way http://sultaneducationfoundation.com/ of living in a better way. We offer services from brief to long term for all ages for family, couples, and individuals.

We provide holistic services for one’s mind, body, and soul. Our style combines humor, compassion, directness, and psycho-education to help comfortably integrate positive changes into your life. Offices located in Fredericksburg & Manassas. Hablamos Español.

One of IJ’s most unique aspects is that we are willing as part of your personalized treatment services to provide ‘alternative’ forms of treatment such as meeting you in community as well as tele-therapy services.

By coming to you in a convenient, we can help reduce the stress that is associated with going to a therapist (i.e. taking time off from work or sitting in a waiting room with others, etc). We also have day, evening, and weekend hours. Therefore we can accommodate most client’s needs and ultimately provide more consistent treatment for clients.


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We specialize in providing a cornerstone in which you will begin to build a new mental health foundation. 

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